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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Welcome featured Author for March -- Mary Belanger; author of End of Illusions: truths revealed

End of Illusions: truths revealed is a creative memoir that is a very personal account of numerous traumas suffered by a child of God. Throughout the story there is much integrity, courage, and strength shown i.e. as child, youth, and woman. This book is a mixture of all types of abuse, tragedy, and the witnessing of murders. Having the ability to block out the most frightful events, this child and her adult-self was able to endure numerous acts of violence throughout her lifetime.
Spanned throughout fifty years this book gives a peek into a world where forgetting and remembering play a very powerful coping mechanism. Flashbacks are shown in great detail with spirit as narrator. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is real; yet bizarre; and emotionally and physically painful—it is also liberating once the mind-body-soul connect releasing the years of buried fear. Having been tormented by numerous narcissistic, sociopaths—this is an empowered woman’s account of how it is possible to rise above a shattered world creating a little piece of heaven right here on earth.

An excerpt from "End of Illusions - truths revealed

Extraordinary Experiences 

~Chapter Nineteen~ 

Mary continued to cope through the abuse but never lost touch with her spiritual side.  She always felt blessed to have experienced amazing, heavenly things on earth.  She often thought of the day in 1991 when she was driving to work. She had signaled to turn into the mall and something amazing happened.  This occurrence took place just weeks before she started to experience full blown widespread pain throughout her entire body.  It was a miraculous vision.  She saw Jesus walking down the middle of the secondary highway.  When she saw him in front of her the busy highway didn’t exist.  There was no sound.  She sat on the highway in her vehicle and watched him walk toward her.  He had a long, beige robe on.  His hair was long, wavy and golden.  There was a wreath around his forehead.  It looked like it must have hurt his head as it was quite spiky looking.  His skin was tanned.  He had sandals on his feet.  The ground beneath and around him was a reddish sandy colour. Mary was mesmerized by what she saw.  Then she felt sad as she saw him pulling a large, thick looking wooden cross behind him.  Then, suddenly, her mind was shifted back in the initial environment that was previously around her.  Everything was in movement.  She saw the paved road in front of her with many vehicles driving down the various lanes.  She finished her turn off the highway.  When she parked the car she was feeling stunned.  She walked into the mall and made her first right turn into the K-Mart doors where she worked as a cashier.  As she walked in with this event on her mind she walked by a counter and saw a female worker.  Mary asked her if she just got to work.  She said that she had.  Immediately Mary looked at her with a puzzled face and said, 

“Did you see . . .”  And before she could finish her sentence her co-worker said,  “. . . Jesus?”, in a questioning yet confirming tone of voice.

Mary said, “. . . yeah.” 

Within seconds her fellow worker had a nervous laugh happening.  She giggled for a moment.  Without saying another word to each other they looked into one another’s’ eyes.  Then it was time for Mary to go punch in.  As she walked away she looked back at her associate.  And sure enough she was looking at Mary walk away.  They never brought it up again. 

Mary told the psychopath a few years later.  He told her there was someone around town that looked like Jesus.  But, Mary knew that wasn’t who she saw.  That man that was seen around town had jet black hair.  The man in her vision was definitely Jesus with a golden colour to his hair; as she knew deep in her heart she had seen a true vision of The Christ.  She never told anyone else until many years later.  In around 2008 she told her friend Lucie and she seemed to believe Mary.  As she told her of the account it was very real to her all over again.  She remembered the details very clearly.

M.L. Belanger lives in northern Ontario, Canada. She studied writing and publication through online learning. She welcomes all genres, however, creating fantastical stories for youth is her favourite. She is a poet. She is also a visual artist expressing her inventive-self through a variety of mediums such as pastel, acrylic, watercolour, and charcoal. She enjoys piecing together fabric for quilting projects too.
In addition to her creative endeavors she has executed administrative contracts specializing in medical and legal transcription service.

Mary Belanger's books are available in both Kindle and Paperback formats on all Amazon sites.  To check out her author's page look for M.L. Belanger.


  1. As a member of the Belanger family.. Don't trust all the "truths" in this book. For those of us that know the family and know Mary... it's sad that she would do this to her family..

  2. Vanessa Belanger? A relative of mine? Sorry - never heard of you.
    You can direct shame at me all you want Vanessa, (V. Belanger as stated on Amazon) - but I tell you it's a waste of your energy. The shame is not mine. it's never belonged to me. Children of abusive homes are shamed all of the time - but it doesn't belong to them.
    What's sad is that so many don't want to hear the truth.
    It's wise not to be the ass in the word assume.
    Stick to what you know not to what you don't know.

    1. What Vanessa says IS THE TRUTH. This so called "author" has written nothing but a huge concoction of very hurtful lies. Ask her why EVERYONE in her family avoids her as best they can. Ask her why her own son wants nothing to do with her and will never allow her near his children ever again. Her disgusting stories of abuse, rape, incest and murders are all just creations of a very sick, mentally disturbed individual.

  3. I have never read a book more shameful and poorly written. This is the work of a very unstable person who lacks the capacity for truth and storytelling. Her unhinged view of reality has led to the dishonour and embarrassment of innocent children, professional physicians, law enforcement as well as her alleged abusers. This work was written for the sole purpose of feeding her delusions and need for attention by altering reality to serve her own purpose, with no remorse for the true victims of abuse. Even within the pages of the book the "truths" change with no thought of consistency or flow. In the end, the sad truth is this story confirms her mind carries all of the heinous traits assigned to her "villains" and this is the medium she has chosen to releases them.

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