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Audrey Austin
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Monday, February 15, 2016

Featured Author for February is yours truly: Audrey Austin, Elliot Lake, Ontario.

Since no author stepped up to be featured for the month of February, I will share with you an excerpt from my current work in progess with the working title, All Them Houses.

I hope to have this manuscript in book form by the new year of 2017.

Here is a small taste from the first chapter.   Hope you enjoy it.

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And the earth is renewed with an avalanche of raindrops that skip and jump upon the patio stones before descending into the welcoming arms of the thirsty ground.  I see the twirling, bouncing green branches of Maple, Oak and Willow outlined by never-ending, shadowy, grey sky.  I welcome the rain as I watch it pour over all that needs sustenance and cleansing.

I feel in need of sustenance.  I desire spiritual cleansing.  Here is my opportunity to go through the door, to stand outside, and to allow the drops of water to baptize me and feed my hunger for fulfillment.

Today is not the first day I have chosen to ignore an opportunity.  I doubt it will be my last.

Instead I decide that this is a day to stay indoors, to look inward and be grateful. This is a day to begin to write my memoir.

But how does one typical, run-of-the-mill, woman, pick and choose from the fragments of her folly; from the heart of her passion; to write her story?

I ask for guidance as I choose from the world of words.  I want to write a story that other women, ordinary women like me, will recognize; one that other women will want to read as they breathe in and out their own day to day doldrums and delights.

I’m reminded of a line from Gone With The Wind when Pork, the butler, tells Scarlett, ‘Askin’ ain’t gettin’.

Still I ask for needed guidance as I continue because, for me, to write this story is a challenge. I can only hope that the words will jump into my mind and introduce themselves throughout this journey.

And I wonder; is there a woman beyond the age of fifty who has not gazed into a bathroom mirror and enquired, who is that old lady looking back at me and where did she come from?

I started asking this question about ten years ago.  Who is that old lady?  She looks a lot like my mother.  Who is that woman? 

Yes, I asked; but did I really want to know?

Then more years passed and, like lit candles flickering on a birthday cake, the light shone upon my consciousness.  Today I look into the mirror and again I ask, Who is that old lady?  The big difference is that today when I ask the question, I realize that I have not only the desire, but also the need, the determination and almost a compulsion to, once and for all, find out.
It was not an easy acceptance but in time I was ready to acknowledge that the enquiry is rhetorical.  The answer is in the question.

The old woman is me.

I’ve known it all along.  I just did not want to face up to reality.  I did not want to know that I was growing old.

Now that I accept and face up to this reality, my acknowledgement serves to open a new door; one that I feel, finally, ready to enter.

Now I find myself on a mission; one in which I hope to find the answers to two new questions which are firstly; who is me and secondly; why have I waited so long to find out? 

I am very aware of the many things I have done in the past.  I am aware of the things I do daily; the actions I am currently taking.   But from somewhere deep down inside of me the question surfaces. Am I just a human doing?    Am I not, after all, a human being?

And this recognition reminds me of the first couple of lines in a poem I recently wrote. 

Who that be lookin’ back at me

with the raggedy smile,

 and the dirt on the nose? 

You be the child that is me, I suppose.

All my books are available in both Kindle & Paperback formats on all Amazon sites.  My author's page is found at

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I hope by January of 2017 to have All Them Houses a new addition to my collection of books.

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