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Thursday, April 25, 2013

This week's featured author is Lisa Bilbrey of Clarendon,Texas ....

Meet Lisa Bilbrey, this week's featured author who is sharing an excerpt from her book titled "Life's Unexpected Gifts"
Life's Unexpected Gifts --

“Hey, Emma.” Yanking the door shut behind him, he shuddered. “It’s getting colder.”
“What on earth are you doing out in that mess?” I asked, moving around the counter and pouring him a cup of coffee. He took a seat at the counter, laying his coat on the stool next to him. “You’re not working today, are you?”
“No, the old man’s down near Austin; something about a new tracker that’s supposed to make harvesting his fields easier.”
“Jeb’s actually looking at technology made in this century?” I teased. “What’s the world come to?”
Lucas laughed, his eyes lighting up in amusement. “That’s what I said. You know Gramps, though; it won’t be more than a week before he’s complaining about something not working right.”
“Yeah, that sounds like him. Are you eating or just enjoying the coffee?”
“Do you have any of your apple pie?” he asked, eyeing the glass case behind me.
“There might be a piece or two left. Ice cream?”
He nodded. “Please.”
Placing the larger of the two slices onto a plate, I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream and set it down in front of him with a smile. He moaned the moment the dessert touched his tongue.
He came in almost every day, asking if I had any pie for him. I’d started sticking one in the back just for him.
While he savored each bite, I worked on restocking the front. I knew every time Daisy worked the early shift that I’d have to clean up after her. I didn’t really mind so much; it helped the day go by just that much faster. My father always said that idle hands were a waste of time. I never believed him until after he’d passed. Now I sought after anything that kept me busy. It was in those few moments where I stood still that I thought of him the most.
Once Lucas finished his pie and coffee, he stood up and put his coat back on. Fishing his wallet out of his back pocket, he slipped a ten onto the counter. “Have a good day, Emma. Give me a call if you need anything.”
“Thanks, Lucas,” I replied, feeling my cheeks warm from his attention. “Be careful. The roads are getting slick.”
“I will.”
The rest of the day went by painfully slow. Due to the sleet changing into heavy snow, people weren’t coming in to eat, choosing to scrounge around their houses rather than pay the five dollars for one of Jay’s famous cheeseburgers, even if they were the best in the county. After three hours without a single person coming in, Jay huffed and announced that we were closing early.
Hugging my coat around my body, I stepped through the backdoor and took a deep breath. The night had turned colder and a light layer of snow dusted the ground. Being extra careful, I walked over to my truck, pulling open the door. Gasping, I found an origami butterfly sitting on the seat. It was made from blue paper with little pink roses.
I smiled and picked it up, turning it over in my hand to admire it from every angle. Dropping my eyes down to the seat, I found a piece of paper folded in half.
Opening the note, I brought my fingers to my lips as I read. 

In Japan, the butterfly symbolizes a new beginning and long life.

I hope this makes you smile, like you did for me today, love.
Author:  Lisa Bilbrey
Lisa Bilbrey
Lisa Bilbrey is a mom of three and has been married to her high school sweetheart since 1996.
Finding a love in the written word, she started writing as a way to express herself. From the first word she wrote, she'd found her heart and soul. Always willing to learn, she's spends much of her time trying to improve as a storyteller.
In late 2011, Lisa opened Renaissance Romance Publishing with Michele Richard and Laura Braley.

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