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Audrey Austin
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Featured author this week is yours truly, Audrey Austin of Elliot Lake, Ontario

This week's featured author is Audrey Austin of Elliot Lake. 
Below is an excerpt from my current work in progress titled
an excerpt:
Each individual’s truth, until shared, is locked in a sacred space in one’s memory.  Memory does have its share of weakness.  Memory can be faulty.  Memory is often tested and I find it very interesting that the residents of the seven farms impacted by the tragedy each maintain a different memory of the same occurrence.

Although I am well aware that it would not occur to any ordinary human that an old long-travelled country road could possibly have the capacity to retain memory, I can assure you that I do.  Yes, indeed, I do have a memory.  Even though I am very old it remains a good one and I do remember well.  Some thoughts give me reason to smile while other memories I would prefer to forget.   I have learned that the more painful memories are the most stubborn; the least likely to be forgotten and the most likely to be remembered.  Even when a human believes he has managed to bury a painful memory he has not.  That remembrance will present itself at the most odd and unexpected of times and sometimes even in the form of a recurrent dream.

 Of course, I am not a human. I can assure you that I am a no nonsense road; plain, practical and from my very first appearance on earth many generations ago I have made it my focused mission to do my duty and fulfill my purpose as I see fit.   I have always taken great pride in my existence and to this very day I do my best to serve those who choose to travel upon my surface. 

Unlike humans who are, I have learned, sometimes very superficial creatures, I am not shallow. I don’t blame the travelers for being unable to see beneath my surface.  But I assure you I am not just the visible thin layer of gravel you might observe at first glance.  I do have substance. 

Yes, I am old now. I have been here in this spot on the planet for many interesting and enduring lifetimes. Although I am a road less travelled I am still in pretty good shape. I expect I’ll be here for a few more generations.  I can see no good reason why I should not continue to be here. 

From top to bottom I stretch for a good half hour almost parallel to Highway Seventeen in Northern Ontario, Canada.  I run just a couple of miles north of that more major road which is part of the Trans-Canada Highway.  At my western tip I run into a nondescript, secondary dirt road and at my eastern end, well, there is no easy way to put it.  At my eastern end I just kind of disappear into the bush. 

Guess you might call me a scenic path at that point.  I poke my dirty nose into the lives of my long-time friends; the black bear, the woodpeckers and, of course, the moose.  I see the occasional hiker and possibly a few berry pickers but the truth is that I don’t see a lot of humans once I wind down in the east.......

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