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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Janis Cox -- Haliburton author of Tadeo Turtle

This week's featured author is Janis Cox of Haliburton, Ontario, Canada ...

How Haliburton, Ontario Became Our Home
By Janis Cox


When I was five my parents took my sister and I north to a holiday lodge in Haliburton, Ontario. I remember trees, a lake, and lots of fun. We went fishing, swimming and hiking. I even danced my first dance on my daddy’s toes. We continued every summer to visit this lodge for five summers.

When I decided I had better get a summer job at the age of 18, I applied to that same lodge. On being accepted I felt a joy in my spirit to return to Haliburton.

As I walked through the door of the lodge I spied a tall good-looking young man with dark hair. My younger sister, who had walked in with me said, “Oh look, you take the tall one I want the blonde one beside him”.

I spent three summers working at that lodge in Haliburton. And yes I took my sister’s advice and pursued the young man. Much to his mother’s surprise, on the 4th year of our relationship we decided to get married.

At that point in our early marriage we seriously considered trying to purchase the lodge, which was up for sale. However my husband had another two years of university and I needed a job to support us. Sadly we let that opportunity slip by.

That lodge is now just a memory. The proceeding owners were not able to keep their clientele and the lodge fell into disrepair and finally was demolished. So sad for us.

During the next 30 years we raised three children in Burlington, Ontario. Every summer we returned to the Highlands of Haliburton. That spirit of Haliburton never left us.

In 1994 we purchased a cottage on Canning Lake and in 2003 moved permanently to our new home in the village.

Small town life has been wonderful.


In October 2012 I published an illustrated children’s book Tadeo Turtle. In our county there is a cottage industry called Made-In-Haliburton.
and my book is now featured there. It is great to live in a small town.

Here is a deer seen from my backyard. How awesome it is to live so close to nature.


Here is an excerpt:

TADEO loved to laugh and play

…until he met SAM SQUIRREL one day.

SAMMY loved to climb the trees,

cross the lawns and jump in leaves.

TADEO couldn’t run like that

because a shell was on his back.


Author and Illustrator - Tadeo Turtle

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