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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Elena, The Black Widow, Beginnings by R.D. Pittman...

Our feature writer this week is R.D. Pittman of O'Fallon, Missouri ...

About R.D. Pittman:  I live in O' Fallon, Missouri about thirty-five miles west of St. Louis, but I was born and raised in a small north Texas town called Aledo.

This is a short excerpt from Chapter One of my thriller Elena, The Black Widow, Beginnings.

“I’m going to get him out of the club and into the countryside. Watch me and follow a safe distance behind,” she said. He acknowledged her request as she glided toward her prey.

Elena stood out from the crowd in her shimmering deep blue dress that accentuated her near perfect physique. A cast of eyes became focused on her as she approached the bar, both male and female became transfixed by her beauty. That’s it guys look but don’t touch. The crowd seemed to part as she stepped forward and ordered her martini from the bartender. She sat two persons down from Hassai, but he was staring at her. Elena felt he was not a bad looking man, taller than most East Indian men, her eyes caught his and she winked. Like Circe in Greek mythology, she cast her spell on the unsuspecting man, and he willingly strode right in, innocent of the danger before him. Even Odysseus couldn’t have resisted. Come on Hassai get a good look, step into my world and it’ll be your last fling. Here he comes, a lamb to the slaughter.

 “Hello, I’m Hassai and yours would be?

Extending her hand with a warm inviting smile. “Nice to meet you Hassai, I’m Ingrid.”

“You were at the Institute today weren’t you?”

“It just so happens that I was. How did you know that?”

“My colleagues at the Institute told me of your tour and how beautiful you were; they did not do you justice in describing just how lovely you really are.” His charm impressed Elena.

“What a nice thing for you to say. So you work at the Institute as well? What do you do?”

“Oh, I work in theoretical stuff, what if’s, very boring. That’s why I like to get out every now and then and see the real world.”

“You must be highly intelligent to do that kind of work and I must say you’re much better looking than the average scientist. It’s unusual to meet someone so handsome and yet possess such intelligence.” She paused then thought, that should be about right as far as his ego goes.

“Now it’s my turn to thank you for such kind comments. Ingrid, it’s so noisy in here. Would you like to go somewhere so we can actually speak at normal levels?”

“Yes, I love to be outside at night.” This is just too easy. Like a spider, she spun her webbing as her prey unknowingly made its way into her trap.

“Because of my position at the Institute I am watched all the time. I will need to go out the back door and meet you at the far end of the parking lot. My Mercedes is the blue one and I will flash my lights.”

“Oh yes, this sounds more exciting by the minute, I can’t wait. Let’s have an adventure.” Her enthusiasm heightened his anticipation at being alone with this ravishing looking woman.


Elena signaled Aren she was leaving; he would follow at a safe distance as she had requested. Aren’s tenure at the agency had covered nearly twenty years, never had he seen an agent as smooth and sophisticated as Elena, she was one of a kind. He saw the lights flash on the Mercedes and she disappeared into the car as it sped away from the club parking lot. Aren followed behind as Akbar drove several miles to the outskirts of the city and into an area near a shrine of considerable size.

The grounds of the shrine were well maintained, with clearly marked walkways for the tourist crowds. Akbar gave her the ten minute spiel about the significance of the holy place.

“It’s gorgeous out tonight, let’s walk Hassai.”

“Yes, but first I must kiss you under the stars before we go into the garden preserve. There are many trees in the garden and I wouldn’t want to miss the moonlight striking those beautiful eyes of yours,” Hassai said. She allowed him to kiss her.

“Oh, Hassai, you are so romantic and such a passionate kiss.” He had a thick smell of curry and a smoker, neither of those attributes enhancing the kiss for Elena.

“Elena, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Your kiss was like honey. Let’s walk into the garden, it is isolated and safe, so we can talk.” Elena sensed his growing excitement.

They walked slowly toward a grove of local plant life and Elena began sizing up where she was going to put him down. Just then he announced they were approaching an underground river canal that fed several lakes miles from there.

“This underground river is a tributary of the Sapt Sindhu river system. It is believed to be the pathway for the Gods; no human is allowed to enter the river. Casting a flower onto the waters brings tranquil thoughts to one’s mind.”

Perfect. As they walked to the edge of the well opening to the river below, she peered in, leaning against the railing, it looked to be nearly twenty feet to the water. Suddenly—

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