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Audrey Austin
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Featured Author for October is Audrey Austin of Elliot Lake -- RECOMPENSE -- an excerpt

Featured author for October is yours truly, Audrey Austin.

Since no writer stepped up this month with a short story or a novel excerpt, I am sharing with you an excerpt from one of my novellas titled RECOMPENSE.

The truth is my mind is in turmoil and my stomach aches just thinking about what is to come.   I confess there are even bigger, more frightening changes happening inside me; in my thoughts, in my purpose and in my determination to fulfill a long-buried dream.  Yes, I am scared. 
I am determined that I will not allow this fear to stop me. I am committed to taking this step.  No one sees it coming, no one; but especially not Alison, my wife.  
Yes, I say Alison is my wife even though we have no papers to prove this fact.  There was no white gown, no walk down the aisle and no priestly prayer to seal the bond between us. But close to twenty-five years of living together have to count for something and I know that what I am planning; what I am, indeed, already beginning to put into action is something that will hurt Alison more than any good woman deserves to be hurt. From her I neither deserve nor will I receive recompense. That is just as it should be.
My name is Maurice Wilson.  I came to live in this big, beautiful country called Canada more than twenty–five years ago when my fortieth birthday was just around the corner.  For nearly all these years I have been living with Alison Pierce in a small town called High River, Alberta.
Here in High River we have a population somewhere just above 12,000 people.  My little house is not too far away from the junction of Highways Two and Twenty-three.    My little town is just thirty-seven kilometers south of the big city of Calgary in Southwestern Alberta.
For many years now I have been steadily employed by the Canadian Post Office here in High River as a mail carrier.  I’ve worked hard.  I have the aching back and the calloused sore feet to prove it.  But even here within my employment status major change is taking place. Any day now I will become a senior citizen. Soon I will be sixty-five years old. Finally I will be able to stop working.   At last I will collect my old age pension and all the money I’ve been paying into the Canada Pension Plan. 
Most people, and especially Alison, think I will settle into a comfortable, quiet retirement life sitting on the porch swing on hot summer afternoons and going fishing in the river whenever the mood strikes me.  
Their thoughts may be fiction.
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Audrey Austin's passion is creative writing.  She recently celebrated her seventh writing anniversary and invites you to enjoy her many short stories, novellas and novels.  Check out her author's page at

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