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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Meet Paulette Grant -- Featured Author/Poet for November

To Life

Through centuries I have slipped into many shells
See me now LIFE.
Throw me what you will in the time I have left on this earth.
For in the scheme of things
I am but one of many who have become flesh for the glory of knowledge through experiencing.
You will not see me again LIFE
Through trials and errors I have grown into the Self
And have had enough of the quest for the meaning of l
ife in this world.
I wish to step back into the source of all that is.
Where there is no past, no future.
Only the Now of self-awareness, no body…just a soul, fully alive and free, that has returned home
To be immersed in the great pool of wisdom forever flowing unencumbered through eternity.


         ...........and now onto the laundry and the stack of dishes waiting for me ......what to make for  
                    dinner ? hummmmm

Paulette Grant has been writing for a decade . Some of her poetry has been published in anthologies in in various publishing companies throughout the United States .She has currently finished writing her memoirs “BREAKING FREE”. It has yet to be published and her next project will consist of a book of her poems written throughout the years. She has also been painting for more than thirty years and has worked in oils ,watercolours and pastels . Acrylics and pencil drawings are used exclusively to reproduce a variety of subjects such as wildlife,landscapes, portraits,mythical beings and spiritual entities. The nice thing about purchasing an original  painting by Paulette is the likelihood of finding a charming bit of poetry on the back of the piece.

Quote from Santa Fe Art Gallery "A Canadian artist and illustrator Paulette renders earthy landscapes and figurative studies ranging from contemporary slant on a Norman Rockwell influence to the imagery of Fairies and Angels "

A few years ago six of her paintings were selected from a pool of artists from all over the world to be showcased in A PUBLISHED GALLERY by Inner Circle Publishing. She has also done book illustrations for authors who met her through social media ...especially Facebook where she shares many of her paintings and occasionally  written works and her through her blog Breaking free .



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