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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Meet Christina Bustamante this week's featured author from Los Banos, California

This week's featured author is Christina Bustamante from Los Banos, California ...

Excerpt for “My Little Luna” 


The sharp stabbing pains woke me from a deep sleep. I grew more terrified by the minute. The gnawing pain intensified deep within my body.

          The surges of pain overtook my body releasing abruptly, in a futile attempt I tried to make the pain go away, rubbing my rock hard belly even tried to change positions but nothing was working.

          The pain kept coming, getting closer and closer together. I was in labor. I slowly sat up on the edge of my bed. Took a deep breath as the next contraction came and slowly went away.

           As I stood up a gush of water ran down my leg. My water broke. I slowly walked out of my room, as I ambled my way down the dark hallway, the contractions were getting harder and closer together.

          I knocked on my grandmother’s door, quietly letting myself in. I switched on the small lamp on her bedside table.

          “Grandma,” I whispered. “I'm in labor, my water broke.”

          I got closer to her bed the room was quiet. I leaned into to whisper in her ear. “Grandma, the baby, I think it’s time.”

          Something wasn't right, as I leaned in closer I could hear her breathing but her breaths were shallow. I felt her, she was cold to the touch and her skin was clammy. She was not responding to my voice.

          Another contraction, another trickle of water ran down my leg. I clenched my fist and hunched over when the contractions got harder. I screamed.

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