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Audrey Austin
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reawakening by Audrey Austin, Elliot Lake, Ontario...

An excerpt from REAWAKENING  by Audrey Austin

Even as she questioned the logic of her rash decision to enter, she nevertheless gained access for the first time.  Once inside the Olbabe Centre Linda was enthralled.  She was surrounded by darling little Olbabes wrapped snug within white wraps as they lay bundled in tiny sleep spaces. She smiled at one, then another.  She passed several little sleep spaces until she came to the last one in a row. 
Peering down into the beautiful brown eyes of the tiniest Olbabe in the Centre, the mystical, intuitive sensation returned with even greater power.
“May I?  she asked the Midescent in charge.
            “Yes,” she replied, “but only for a second.  This Olbabe is scheduled for compaction in five minutes.  He is on his way back to Earth.”
            Dressed in her white one-piece uniform, Linda held the Olbabe in her arms.  At once an other-worldly, angelic, wise and knowing essence filled her existence.  Was she imagining things or was there really a halo of light round and about her shoulders?  She felt as though she were immersed in uplifting light.  
She rocked the Olbabe in her arms and in a soft, crooning voice she spoke to him until at last he opened his eyes and returned her loving gaze. Linda observed that his eyes were not smiling.  They were, yes, they were sad.  Sad? Why do I think this Olbabe is sad? What is sad? From where does this strange word come and why is this foreign word in my thoughts? The strange sensation grew stronger and stronger within her.
            Turning to the Midescent on duty she asked, “Please tell me; what is the name of this Olbabe?”
            The Caregiver checked the chart before responding. “His name is Jim 7794329.”
            Jim?  Jim?  Linda thought.  She knew there was something to be remembered.  What is it? She gathered her powers of concentration and forced herself to concentrate and to think.  And then she experienced a glimmer of mystical memory. 
As she held the tiny Olbabe closer she peered down into his little face and whispered, “I loved you, Jim.  And I love you still.”
            The Midescent was there now. She wanted to remove the Olbabe from Linda’s arms. 
            “It is time,” she said.
“Just one more second,” Linda insisted.  She looked lovingly down into the little one’s face.   With gentleness she touched his little eyes, his nose, and his tiny mouth while she spoke to him.  Don’t be afraid, my precious Jim.  I will not be far behind you.  I promise you we will meet again in another time.”
            It was with reluctance and with tender care that she placed the vulnerable, tiny life essence back into the arms of the Caregiver Midescent.  Then, head down, Linda rushed from the Olbabe Centre.  She did not want anyone to see the strange moisture droplets that were forming in her desolate eyes.

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